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Logistics and Transportation – 5 Facts That You Must Know

If you have read business or industry magazines, then you would have surely come across these terms – logistics and transportation. For those, who do not know what these terms actually refer – Logistics is nothing but a cost-efficient process for devising, executing and supervising the effective movement of goods from one point to another. There, the transportation is defined as the movement of people or items from one place to another. Transportation and logistics have become an important aspect of business and industry these days. Now let us look into some of the facts about transportation and logistics industry that you would find interesting.

The logistics and transportation industry has so far created six sectors of industry, and they are rail, road transportation, aviation, warehousing, maritime and storage services. This is one of the biggest industries in the world. Another interesting fact is that U.S economy relies on trucks for 70% of the shipped goods that accounts to $671 billion.

There are nearly 3.5 millions of truck drivers involved in moving freight. It means one in fifteen people in the U.S are working in the transportation industry. Shippers who collaborate with outsourced logistics companies report 13% of cost reduction in average.

88% of shippers and 94% of 3PLs conclude that the exchange of information, adaptability and open-mindedness are the crucial factors that help to turn them very successful. There are also many fun and interesting facts about the transportation industry. If you want to read all the fun facts, simply browse the Internet.

Advantages of Using Transportation Management Systems

companiIt does not matter whether you are running a big company or medium sized one; you would need a transportation service to deliver the goods to your customer or receive the goods from the vendor. Finding the right transportation at the budget you are comfortable is quite a difficult thing. There are so many factors that can increase the cost of freight. Some of the factors include the reputation of the company, a distance of routes, etc. In order to cut down the cost of shipment or freight, you can simply think about using Transportation Management System (TMS). It is nothing but system or software that can make your logistics and transportation much easier. Using this system, you would be able to find the right routes that can bring savings to you and your customers. You can improve the efficiency of the customer service and also increase the efficiency of the warehouse.

Right now, there are so many TMS products available in the market. There are two types of TMS products available – one is cloud based, and another one is conventional on-site installed system. Both kinds of systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose a product according to the needs and budget. If you are logistics manager and want to make your job easily, then you can simply consider using a Transportation Management Systems. To know more about the list of TMS products, you can browse the Internet. There are so many es that are ready to offer TMS at a reasonable budget. You can get customized system, according to your business needs.